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It’s been a confusing time recently, but whatever tier we’re in, the kitchen staff are busy serving up your favourite dishes and curries.

We’re open for Takeaway and Collection. You can place your order via our website or calling us directly on 0208 989 1500.

Finest Indian Restaurant

New generation masterchefs distill the purest methods of preparing traditional, fine Indian cuisine and fuse with contemporary innovation.

Steeped with only the freshest spices, chilli peppers and subtlest of flavourings, favourite menus and classic dishes are redefined to mouth-watering, modern stylish tastes.

Stepping into a sensuous play of interior styling where cool elegant lines meet warm natural surfaces, The Lane offers an intriguing dining space, airy and light, yet also satisfyingly intimate.

Seat up to 75 guests


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Deman Salmor

Soup and sauce cook

Responsible for soups & sauces prepared in the kitchen of a foodservice establishment. Prepares stock, soups and sauces.

Peter Parker

Broiler cook

Responsible for grilled, broiled or roasted items prepared in the kitchen. Portions food items prior to cooking like fish fillets.

John Bennett

Fry / saute cook

Responsible for all fried or sauteed items in Rodich. Portions and prepares food items prior to cooking like shrimp or veal.